April 30, 2022
5 Tips for Smarter Ecommerce Photo Editing with Fashion Photo Retouching

When you see a product on a website, do you feel instantly connected with it? The first thing you see on eBay or Amazon when you start browsing is an image of the product. Isn’t that right? A customer’s decision to buy a product often depends on its image. A great deal of importance is attached to the visual presentation when retouching fashion photos. Sales can’t skyrocket just because you claim that a product is extraordinary.

Once something has been published online, it stays there for eternity in the era of the digital world. As a result, you should ensure that your offerings stand out from the crowd. Every time a customer enters a department store, they notice the creatively displayed products. In the same way, your e-commerce platform is an online store where images of products can catch visitors’ attention.

Having a customer service representative to interact with your customers and crack the code that sells your products is a huge advantage when you have a brick-and-mortar store. Having a proactive interaction with the customer is impossible for any e-commerce store, so you must rely on fashion photo retouching to create images that engage your customers.

Uploading images is not as simple as clicking a button. Before uploading these images to your website, you should collaborate with a designer skilled at post-processing and making them more appealing. A quality product should come through photo editing. It eventually builds your online store’s brand image.

Being one of the world’s most prominent photo editing and post-production service providers, we have learned that in addition to improving click-through, ratios of high-quality photos boost profits. Designing stunning visual appeal for your products takes a talented team working tirelessly.

Take a look at these latest fashion photo retouching tips to learn how you can revamp your online shelf.

Focus on the Apparel’s Key Features.

Editing product images for your fashion e-commerce store can sometimes be challenging, but lighting is key to determining how well your photos have turned out for the website.

To showcase the product’s benefits, make sure the images highlight those areas creatively. If you want to highlight the material or manufacturing process of the cloth, for instance, you may highlight the same in the product pictures. It is imperative to do so to engage and understand your users’ needs.

In retouching, make sure you leverage callouts and dialogue boxes to highlight the product’s features and that the area is well lit. Look at the image below to see how the jacket’s material appears. 

Images should be symmetrical.

You should align your fashion products in the pictures when retouching fashion photos for e-commerce.

If you are selling a hoodie or sweatshirt, and it does not fit correctly, or if it leans too much one way or the other, then the users might not find it appealing.

When doing e-commerce photo editing, make sure the images are symmetrical. Remember that the placement and alignment of the product create the product’s professional and elegant appearance. An asymmetrical product shot conveys an unprofessional look and may displease customers. Furthermore, developing symmetric and accurate product shots will also negatively impact the image of your e-commerce store.

Take note of these points.

  • Measure the sleeves and clothes as a whole.
  • Understand the width of the fabric.
  • Identify the dimensions of the canvas.
  • Align the neckline, the torso, and the waist.
  • Understand how the image looks overall.

The image above shows how to achieve symmetry. In addition, the edges of the hoodie have smudged, giving it a clean appearance.

Use This To Make A Mannequin Invisible.

To prove that apparel is worn, it must appear in an image. It should be applied as an effect to indicate wear. 

The mannequins in department stores show customers how t-shirts look when worn, but they look like models because they are artificial.

With such an effect, users would be captivated by it, and by visualizing how it would look on a human, users would be intrigued by it. Thus, they can make a knowledgeable decision as to whether to buy a specific product. You can show more of a product by using this fashion photo editing technique.

Choosing The Best Model Is Crucial.

Your targeted audience will connect better with your fashion products if they see people in the photos. When they see a model in the picture, they envision themselves wearing it. However, modeling requires some thoughtful retouching skills.

Make sure that your e-commerce store is allowed to show pictures of the models. You can also work with agencies that offer fashion photo retouching to obtain the agency’s royalty-free images. Be sure any editing you do is consistent with your brand’s aesthetics. It is crucial to practice reasonable skin retouching when working with models.

Broad daylight can expose the skin to direct sunlight and bright outdoor lighting, which affects the skin’s texture, especially in the elbow, knee, and hand area; the skin tone will appear darker. Make your image more appealing by choosing a consistent skin tone throughout your upper body.

It is crucial to be careful when adjusting the skin tone and not overdo it, else the store’s reputation will suffer. Check your skin for bruises, moles, acne, birthmarks, scratches, and freckles.

Examine The Entire Area.

The background plays an essential role in the fashion photo-retouching process. When creating product photos with models, ensure the models are the only ones in the spotlight. There should never be a match between the cloth and the background.

You should ensure that the table and the accessories do not distract users when you take a picture of a shirt placed on a table. If you’re retouching a fashion photo, don’t forget to tweak the background a bit. The layout of a product should be relevant and engaging to attract users’ attention subconsciously.

Blurring, applying color toning, or masking the background are all ways you can make your product more visible. We offer fashion photo retouching services to help you bring out the best in your photos. Your products would be more attractive if you focused on these minute things. The experts at IIP can provide you with the highest quality and quickest turnaround time for fashion photo editing.



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