February 13, 2022
Embroidery digitizing services

Oddinfotech Digitizing stands out from the competition thanks to its focus on perfection. Its quality work and familiarity with current trends have allowed it to remain relevant in the market since 1999. Our clients, representing all industry sectors, have found Oddinfotech is a delight to be associated with for their branding needs. It’s a one-stop shop in a rightful sense, as it can cover all bases. The surfaces range from small objects like hats, sleeves, pockets to vast areas. We also provide digitization and vector art services for all clients. Oddinfotech offers all types of digitizing services for all your branding needs under one roof. Our expertise includes: 

Pocket Digitizing

You can send us digital logos for bags, t-shirts, aprons. Since we can handle bulk jobs quickly and efficiently, you can put any promotional idea into action through our digitizing service. 

Digitizing the left chest, breast, and rib cage

Our treatment of areas such as the left chest, crest, and breast requires hardware and software tools. You will be proud to wear our designs in the most prominent spots on a garment. 

Digitizing the Cap:

Oddinfotech is capable of doing cap digitizing jobs flawlessly. We can digitize in bulk, ensuring countless copies within a short timeframe. 

Digitizing The Jacket Back

We can showcase our brilliant work on the back of the jacket with any logo, initials, or artwork. We can efficiently use large spaces and have an undisputed reputation for a consistent design. 

Digitization Of Sleeves

We make our machines designed to work on the latest surfaces, including sleeves. When you think of this new branding place. We will provide you with flawless results through our digitizing services. Below is a short description of the digitizing services we offer. We can digitize all kinds of works for our clients on our website. 

Vector Art Digitalization Is Our Specialty

Our embroidery digitizing approach is flexible. So we can do any work type. Throughout our years of experience, we have delivered unwavering quality. Having the ability to appreciate how ideas differ from each other is something we know. We design digitized designs by considering your brand voice, which allows you to relate to what we achieve with the best in the business.  

Professional Vector Art Service Provider 

Scalable vector art services do not distort the main design. With our expertise in vector artwork, we have mastered the art of resizing and enlarging. Our team can create vector artwork for any canvas size or shape using Corel Draw or Adobe. Let us help you!

Pixels are the rectangular or square elements that make up a raster. You can access these in the following formats: GIF, JLG, and JPEG. All of these formats can be converted into vector art graphics using our software. A wide portfolio of satisfied customers makes us the go-to graphic designers in town whenever they need branding or advertising. By delivering tailored solutions, we meet each client’s needs exactly. Therefore, if you wish to create vector art graphics that impress you with their beauty and detail, you can rely on our illustration services. Digitalizing and vector art are our main areas of expertise, and we are proud of them!



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