April 25, 2022
Best Practices for Live Chat for Excellent Customer Support.

Live chat service enables your customer service team to offer customers the assistance and attention they need conveniently and quickly. Even though that may seem easy enough, implementing an almost-perfect live chat experience 100% of the time is much more challenging. Let’s try, then. Here, it’s our turn to examine the benefits of live chat and the top 10 live chat best practices for providing an outstanding customer experience.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Potential and existing customers can use a live chat channel for real-time communication online. Using a live chat widget, eCommerce businesses can : 

  • Respond to inbound leads.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Before complaints or issues escalate, engage in proactive chats with your customers.
  • Make sure they have information about your hours, prices, and services.
  • Communicate with them.

How Can Live Chat Benefit My Business?

Not sure how live chat service can benefit your business? Consider the following reasons for using it:

Happy Customers Use Live Chat.

 Live chat has an 83.1% customer satisfaction rate globally. Social media support and phone support score poorly. Live chat is a cherry on top of an omnichannel support system very popular with website visitors and customers alike.

Solve Customer Problems Immediately: 

A live chat service can help resolve the most common customer inquiries.

Giving Your Brand A Personality: 

Using scripts, chat etiquette, and actual people in your live chat service, you can set a tone of voice far apart from the competition. You can appear more approachable, approachable, and relationship-oriented in this way.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: 

Customers can resolve issues quickly and easily through chat support instead of having to call or wait for an email reply. What does all of this mean? Easy resolutions lead to satisfied customers.


Live chat doesn’t simply enable customers to remain satisfied and retain their loyalty but also to prevent cart abandonment and upsell.

Positive Effects On Your Bottom Line: 

Live chat is cheaper than phone assistance. (In fact, live chat service costs companies approximately 15-33% less than phone support.) Sales representatives can handle several calls simultaneously, saving the company money on toll-free numbers. Therefore, your ROI and productivity will increase because they can answer more tickets.

Ten Best Practices For Live Chat

  1. Check With Customers For Feedback.
  2. Set Up Your Live Chat Application Strategically
  3. Use Proper Grammar And Spelling
  4. Don’t Be Too Impersonal Or Robotic
  5. Make Sure You Respond To Each Inquiry Promptly
  6. Do Not End Conversations Too Abruptly
  7. Keep Track Of Your Life Chat Metrics
  8. Install Live Chat Windows On All Of Your Important Pages
  9. Display Accurate Timeframes
  10. Do Not Overlook The Human Element

Check With Customers For Feedback.

Provide customers with the opportunity to rate their experience and provide feedback after each chat. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can choose from Excellent, Average, or Poor ratings and add emoticons. It may be best to ask a series of basic questions that need only a few minutes of your time to answer. Your live chat agents can use the following questions to gauge the success of their chat interactions: 

Yes/No Question Short Answer Question

Is our product/service something you would recommend to friends and family?

Would you recommend live chat to friends and family?

Was the customer service you received today satisfactory?

What can we do better in the future?

Were you able to get quick and helpful assistance from the chat support agent today?

Were you able to get an answer to your question quickly or resolve your issue?

Have you ever used our product or service before?

Why did you reach out to an agent via live chat?

Your agents’ response to this feedback will help you gauge how well they are meeting visitors’ needs, and you can further improve your chat support. But remember that specific questions are harder to quantify.

The pro tip: If you want to allow your customers to provide additional comments, you can include a text box for them (do make sure you send them a copy of the chat transcript with their comments)

Set Up Your Live Chat Application Strategically

Ensure that your live chat software works optimally to improve customer and user experiences. Generally, a live chat window appears in the bottom right-hand corner of a page. It is important not to block any critical information or navigation links that your customers may otherwise need to see.

A brightly colored, small chat button will open a chat window when clicked. If you decide to have a small icon, be sure it’s visible. For the link to catch customers’ eyes, they should not have to scan the entire webpage to discover it.

Use Proper Grammar And Spelling

Despite this, it’s easy to make spelling mistakes when I’m not paying attention. While using live chat service with a human behind the screen, it is crucial to check grammar and spelling. 

It is easy to compromise your business’ professionalism and brand by committing grammar and spelling errors. Having spelling mishaps and grammar errors will significantly decrease customer time spent on websites.) Apply this to all live chat correspondence. 

Don’t Be Too Impersonal Or Robotic 

Using pre-saved replies is easy, but keep your chat correspondence friendly and personable. To speak naturally, real people are necessary, rather than an AI chatbot. The most human and intimate experiences and connections come from natural and personal conversations.

In addition to these tips, you can also use them to avoid sounding robotic in your chats: 

  • Address your customers by their first name.
  • Remember any previous experiences you’ve had with this customer (if they’re a returning customer).
  • Incorporate emoticons and casual (but not inappropriate) language are the perfect additions.
  • Discover their interests and preferences.
  • To learn more about them, use an icebreaker.

Implement live chat workflows into your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Spend a few minutes looking over the account’s notes before the chat starts. Deliver the most tailored correspondence based on this information! 

Make Sure You Respond To Each Inquiry Promptly

The average first agent response time was 46 seconds. Your live chat agents must act ethically, even if they don’t always meet this standard. Set a target time for your agents to respond within 1-2 minutes.

In real-time chat, customers expect a real-time response. In other words, all live chat support agents should be able to respond to customer queries quickly rather than leaving them waiting for hours or even days (as in the case of emails). 

Do Not End Conversations Too Abruptly

The benefit of live chat is that it provides real-time assistance, which means your customer service agents must remain available until the problem is resolved or escalated to the proper department. While customers expect rapid response times, that doesn’t mean they want to be disconnected before they’re satisfied.

Providing a solution or answering their question is one thing, but ensuring that the customer is satisfied is another. The customer might ask a follow-up question about location and services after you answer a question about hours of operation.

Live chat scripts with canned responses can be used to prevent this, as can a few conversation flow templates. A customer’s dynamic needs can be met, thus rounding out the conversation.

Keep Track Of Your Live Chat Metrics

Monitoring customer service metrics are essential to flawless live chat performance. Your team’s productivity can easily be compared to its key performance indicators when you have defined them and take action if needed. 

Consider these KPIs:

  • Fast Response Time: How quickly a customer support agent responds to an inquiry. 
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR): The percentage of customer service requests resolved or closed within an initial contact with the customer. 
  • Number of Chats: This statistic indicates how many chats occurred within a given period. The length of time could be a day, a week, a month, or even longer. The best way to organize chats is to create corresponding tags, such as open, unassigned, missed, on hold, or resolved.

Install Live Chat Windows On All Of Your Important Pages

Live chat windows don’t need to be on every page of your website. As opposed to overwhelming your customers with popups, place chat windows at strategic locations that are more likely to attract visitors seeking assistance, for instance: 

  • Your homepage
  • FAQ section
  • The product, sales, and service pages (which can help increase conversions) are the most important.
  • Shipping & returns information is also crucial.
  • Additional policies are also helpful.

Display Accurate Timeframes

The customer may have to wait longer for a live chat agent during high-volume times. Provide appropriate timeframes for customers to know when to expect a response. As long as customers know what to expect, they’ll be OK with waiting a bit, even if they want instant service. 

It’s impossible to respond to every customer issue immediately. The investigation of more complex issues may require the involvement of another department. You should always inform your customer how long it will take to resolve if this is the case.

Do Not Overlook The Human Element

Provide your chat agent with the flexibility to be fun, playful, and human by using pre-saved responses. Using appropriate internet lingo, emojis, and more means empowering your agents to speak up and be direct. You can bring more human element to your live chat by following these tips: 

  • Introduce your live chat agents by their names.
  • Post their photo or icon on your live chat.
  • Should a video chat be required, be prepared to lead it.
  • You can provide direct support by providing email addresses and working telephone numbers.

Final Best Practice

A mobile app or website with a live chat option alone may not be sufficient. The execution makes all the difference, not just the implementation. 

Join ChatSupport for free today and discover how easy it is to follow these best practices. Customer support or sales chat support allows you to add a human touch to any conversation.

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