CCTV Monitoring Services

Our ODDinfotech provides you the Fast connecting and speed on the problem situations and intrusions through a professional, complete CCTV monitoring service: Close Circuit Television (CCTV) has become the latest trend in security surveillance, Installation of CCTV cameras has become a trend in the security industry and forms part of the majority of security systems in businesses. Nowadays the use of CCTV is increasing in all areas may be Public Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring, Crime Prevention, Industrial Use, construction Sites and in Households providing an additional level of security.
An effective surveillance monitoring ensures an effective control in reducing security incidents. A unique offering from influence focusing on security along with cost optimization which deals with remote CCTV monitoring. Use of CCTV can dramatically reduce the number of security personnel required onsite. The advantage of our service that we are an independent service provider, Be at any CCTV system installed at your premise, we will monitor we only require an IP address or web link to connect to your system. The remote monitoring is done real time through the internet. Our trained teams monitor your premises and your project sites to provide the top-quality surveillance you would expect from an on-site personnel – but much more cost-effectively.
We also offer premium surveillance monitoring services where we have dedicated CCTV operators. Contact us for Surveillance monitoring service, email us at for CCTV Surveillance Monitoring Service, Surveillance monitoring service

Benefits of CCTV Monitoring Services

Here is what we will do for you:
  • 24/7 Coverage — Since you never know when something could go wrong, our CCTV monitoring service team will be vigilant on your behalf around the clock.

  • Cost Savings — Compared to other providers, we are the most cost-effective choice of offshore model. Let us show you how we do this!

  • Instant Reporting — Whether we are contacting you or law enforcement, time is always of the essence in our monitoring and surveillance activities.

  • Dedicated team — We will provide you with dedicated contacts for handling your CCTV monitoring services round the clock in shifts.

Pricing — What Does It Cost?

We offer flexible pricing options that are based on your needs. Whether you prefer an hourly cost or a fixed-price contract, we can save you money.

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