June 7, 2022
Create A Powerful Logo By Using Negative Space

Most designers consider negative space to be a crucial design element. Many of them have successfully designed iconic logos with negative space. Regardless, you must use negative space strategically if you want it to be a vital element of your logo design services.

In addition to appearing on products/services and various marketing collaterals & campaigns, logo design services help establish a strong brand identity. A logo that is designed well with a purpose can effectively communicate your brand message to your targeted audience. To engage a target audience with their custom logos, smart business owners need to think of the design in advance. It is evident in many iconic logo design services. Historically, these logos have by businesses for decades. They do not wish to replace them because people find them fascinating and engage with their brand as quickly as possible.

How Does Negative Space Work In Logo Design Services?

An image’s negative space is the area around it that appears empty. For example, the space between two letters or around a symbol does not contain any content.

An illusion can be created in a negative space, resulting in the design’s main attraction. For example, a brand message often appears by the shape emerging in the space. In art, the definition of negative space is “space surrounding and between subjects in an image.”. The most obvious form of negative space is when the space around a subject, not itself, is formed into something interesting or artistically meaningful. However, it is occasionally possible to use such space as an image’s “real” subject for artistic purposes.

In design, this kind of sophisticated logo design services creation is highly coveted. It is thus common for iconic logos to employ negative space effectively. It is, however, difficult to do so in a creative way. Consequently, inexperienced designers find it difficult to make use of this element. Therefore, when using negative space, ensure that it looks natural.

How To Best Use Negative Space In Logos: Inspirational Examples And Tips

Create A Layer Of Meaning.

Designers who understand their craft know how to play mind games with viewers by using negative space. 

The iconoclastic designer used its very nature to create this layer within the main object. This step gives the design an entirely different meaning. The ink pen nib symbolizes writers, while the spoon inside the space gives the symbol more meaning.

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Create A Symbol By Combining Letters.

A symbol with negative space by combining two letters. The FedEx logo, for example, combines the letter E with the letter X in Lindon Leader’s design. As a result, the arrow becomes a symbol of speed. In the same way, ‘d’ looks like a wheel on a carrier truck.

Make A Product Image By Using Letters.

An alternative method of utilizing negative space in logo design could be to create a product image using the space within a letter. A good example of this would be the Alchemist logo design services.

At the top of the custom logo, you will see a beer bottle with ‘A’ on it. A beer bottle at the top of the company’s logo conveys the brand message to viewers immediately since the company produces beer.

Compare and Contrast

When designers combine design elements correctly, they can create magical logo design services that captivate viewers. The design is from a different angle by overlapping two objects. You can achieve the desired effect by using one element as negative space and the other as positive space. It conveys the brand message more effectively and makes the image more impressive.

The designer represents a jockey riding a horse without directly depicting the rider in the above logo. In place of the rider’s body, there is just a cap, a hand, and a leg. In the negative space, viewers can see the jockey instantly.

Designers who run logo design services companies should talk to clients and study the brand to grasp the brand’s purpose fully. Close interaction with the client will help the designer determine whether or not negative space is important in a design.

Experiment with unusual combinations

A logo design in a negative space can sometimes work using two odd elements. A good example is the logo design services of  the electric supply company. The logo appears to be nothing more than an electrical plug. However, upon inspection for a few moments, you discover a capital letter ‘E’ on the left side of the plug figure. That makes the initials ED of the brand name complete. A unique combination of design and function is evident here.

This style is minimalistic, which is an advantage. It is possible to create two elements by designing just one figure. To create a minimalistic design, the designer created only the plug. As a result of the viewers’ mental association with the letter, the letter ‘E’ appears on the page.

Employ shadows.

Shadows are a great way to create negative space in logos. The light source should be in front of an object to ensure one phase receives light and the other is shady. The illuminated portion is the positive portion, and the shadowed portion is the negative portion. Shadows from the main feature of both logos in the examples above. Due to shadows, the retro camera appears alive, and the ‘R’ logo has a ‘B’ in its shadow.

Negative space is an effective way to convey a brand message and give logos a unique look. Nonetheless, such logo design services shouldn’t appear forced. Instead, their design should appear natural and organic. Because the FedEx logo follows a natural shape, the designer decided to convey the message using negative space.

Negative space is a unique element you would like to use in your logo design services. Why not practice it? A leading creative marketplace like Oddinfotech is one of the best places to practice for designers. Numerous companies contest their logo designs here every day. With negative space as your canvas, you can develop unique logos that will win you attractive prizes. Practicing your craft while earning is a great idea.


Negative space is a stunning design element. It’s a design element applied by experienced logo design services for years. Designers can exploit negative space by overlapping elements, using shadows, manipulating the viewers’ minds, or combining letters in unusual ways.



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