March 26, 2022
Custom T-shirt Design Services Using Sublimation Vectors

Have you grown tired of your t-shirts getting damaged or faded? It might be time to switch to sublimation printed t-shirts. Detailed images never disappear with this innovative fabric design technique! However, let’s start at the beginning.

How Does Sublimation Designing Work?

Heated dye transforms it into a gas during sublimation printing. Once the polyester fabric fibers combine with the vapor process, they produce beautiful, long-lasting designs. This process involves dyes, printer polyester shirts, a heat press, and sublimation paper.

The Meaning Of Sublimination T-Shirt Designs

The sublimation transfer design process involves transferring a digital design to photo paper using liquid ink, converting it to gas using heatand transferring the gas to t-shirts using heat. Printing shirts using this method has gained popularity due to its exceptional durability. How does the process work exactly? Here are a few basic science principles to refresh your memory.

There are three fundamental states in which objects can exist: solid, liquid, and gas. Think of an ice cube. Moving the tray to your tap and filling it up with water puts the water in a liquid state. You can solidify it into ice by leaving it in the freezer overnight. Over a flame on your stove, you can place an ice cube, and the cube will melt back into a liquid, then convert into steam or gas. Generally, Solids get converted into liquids then into gases.

Discover The Difference In Sublimination T-Shirt Designs

During sublimation, there is no liquid present before vaporization occurs, thus prevailing against the laws of nature. Furthermore, the heat triggers a bright reaction in the sublimation colors of the transfer paper. When converted to a heated gas, the dye penetrates fabric fibers deeply.

Under extreme heat and pressure, pore opening occurs on the fabric, and when it cools, the pores close, encasing the dye particles even more tightly. Atomic particles form gaseous bonds with the dye under these circumstances. There is no doubt that sublimation printing is one of the most durable and reliable shirt printing methods due to the dye penetrating the fabric instead of just remaining atop it, which creates strong bonds with the material. There are many benefits of using sublimation for t-shirt design.

When Will The Lifespan Of The Sublimination Shirt Design End?

Volleyball shirt designs or shirts with sublimation prints are great because they last forever. And sublimation-printed shirts don’t fade, discolor, crack, or peel because they can last as long as the polyester fabric can sustain. Polyester tees wear for various amounts of time part because they need frequent washing and, in general, they can last for ten years.

The chemical reaction that bonds dye particles in a gaseous state to the fibers deeper in the fabric explains how sublimation prints last longer. Screen printing and HTV, on the other hand, are both durable but place the entire design on the shirt. They are thus prone to fading or cracking over time. 

Benefits  Of Sublimation Designs For Sale

In contrast to embroidered or other forms of apparel, sublimation printing jerseys or apparel offer the following advantages:

● Full-color reproduction is possible regardless of the batch size. In contrast to screen printing, sublimation does not require multiple screens, films, or complicated setups. Even though your artwork does not require improvement, the rest of the process is straightforward. Moreover, it may appear more cost-effective for smaller quantities than screen printing.

● It does not require minimum order amount. As your item requires less preparation when you sublimate, we are more likely to accept a smaller order or a reorder. 

● You can customize each order. It may be necessary to charge an art fee for this level of customization, but since each item comes in individual copies instead of being printed in bulk on the same set of screens, it is much easier to incorporate customizations into each printed piece.

● Prints made from sublimation are ultra-thin and lightweight. This process does not affect the garment other than the inclusion of your artwork. Sublimated uniforms ensure athletes are more comfortable than traditional jerseys because they are substantially lighter. In addition, when the fabric becomes one with the design, they won’t be able to feel any of the dried ink, weaves, or stitches, which makes them even more comfortable all they will notice is the smoothness of the fabric design!

● Sublimated prints are durable since they do not break or peel, and they last the entire lifespan of the garment. While the shirt remains in existence, you can enjoy the clarity and legibility of the team’s name, logo, and numbers.

We have now provided you with a better understanding of why sublimation vector products are the best choice for your club, league, or organization. A flawless technique and modern printing equipment ensure stunning clarity and details, negating any chance of bad prints. 

We Then Reached A Verdict.

The sublimation printing process is also known as dye sublimation or sublimation printing. It is an excellent technique for transferring images from one medium to another. In sublimation, the solid-state is transformed directly into the gaseous state. Even though sublimation vector designs are long-lasting for sports gear, garments, and production, they are still the most environmentally aware option available. There is no waste, and you do not have to use water in the sublimation process.

Furthermore, white or light-colored fabrics, usually polyester or a polyester mixture, lend themselves well to sublimation. It is also possible to use sublimation with polymer-coated items such as coasters, mugs, mousepads, phone cases, towels, and basketball jerseys. There is, however, a difference in quality between sublimation designs and those commonly advertised. Here is a link to our website if you are interested in sublimation design services. Oddinfotech operates as a global leader in sublimation print with years of experience in industrial design. We will sublimate your logo for you. Bringing your garments to life is the precise keystroke in our designs. To discuss your ideas, you can reach out to Oddinfotech.



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