February 12, 2022
Do You Know Why Digitizing Embroidery Is So Popular?

The past few years have seen many Americans start their own Digitized Embroidery businesses. What is going on? Let us investigate! Small businesses are crucial to America’s economy, with over 30.2 billion businesses in the U.S. comprising 99.9% of the nation’s businesses. There are 4 million firms in professional, technical, and scientific services. Therefore, one of the leading technology industries is embroidery.

Embroidery start-ups tend to have just one machine, a limited staff, and limited resources. Is it possible for small businesses to cope with the high demand for custom digitized embroidery? Embroidering a design does not merely require an embroidery machine, thread, and needle. Embroidery digitizing involves digitizing artwork and converting it into embroidery machine-friendly designs that then embroider the design onto the garment/accessory.  

Embroider Vs. Digitizer: What’s The Difference? 

Digitizers and embroiderers in the same field are both different people, each offering a unique perspective on the same project and interdependent. Embroidery involves physical products like fabrics, needles, thread. Hence, you can touch the products to make sure they are correct. 

Alternatively, the digitizer converts artworks into embroidery machine-compatible files in DST or PNG format within the virtual environment. Mutual benefits are the main drivers of the industry. On the other hand, a start-up embroidery business may not have enough resources and capital to hire a digitizer, and custom orders may be rare.

Why does the design have small embroidery stitches? We outsource it! Embroidery digitizer is expensive to hire in-house, which is why outsourcing digitized embroidery is a great alternative. Lastly, I will tell you why.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing 

It is expensive to digitized embroidery artwork because the software is of the highest quality. Digitizers also require more time and capital investment since they require intense training. As digitizing firms developed, they began accepting orders worldwide and going online. Oddinfotech can turn your artwork into beautiful embroidery for embroidery machines within 12 hours. The embroidery digitizers do the complete quality check by sampling the digitized embroidery since the highly skilled and trained embroidery digitizers do this regularly.  

Digitized Embroidery Outsourcing

Small businesses can focus on customer needs due to reduced investment, processing time, and investment. Despite being a developed nation, small businesses generate most of the country’s revenue, with embroidery services topping the list. The embroidery business requires less investment and more creativity, which begins with digitizing. Thus, digitizing requires software and time. 

It is a tedious and time-consuming process. Growing companies prefer outsourcing. It reduces costs, improves efficiency, enables employees to focus entirely on their primary tasks, and reduces risks. OddInfotech provides embroidery digitizing services in just 12 hours at extremely competitive prices. Do you want to know more? Request a quote today! 



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