February 1, 2022
Embroidery digitizing services

Would you like to learn more about embroidery digitizing services? Here’s your chance! Soulmates often cross paths. Embroidery digitizing is our specialty at Oddinfotech. To clients worldwide, we have a team of highly skilled embroidery digitizers. In addition to logo digitization, Oddinfotech specializes in 3D puff embroidery, color blending, applique embroidery, bridal wear embroidery, and Sequins with best-in-class software. 

How Oddinfotech Can Digitize Your Embroidery ?

How good or how amazing is it? Did you have embroidery assignments due at school this week? Are you working on your wedding trousseau?  Therefore, Oddinfotech offers high-quality embroidery digitizing at competitive rates in just 12 hours. Unfortunately, everything good comes with a warning!

Embroidery Digitizing Services Tips To Get It Done Within 12 Hours!


The digitizer will need to know the dimensions of your Embroidery Digitizing (width x height). Lastly, using this information, they can digitally embroider the appropriate size for you. 


Be sure to specify the colors or Pantone codes required. Moreover, color discrepancies will prevent the printing process from occurring.


Make sure you mention what type of embroidery stitches you require (Running, Satin, Complex). So decide the best stitch before you proceed.


It is important to inform your digitizer what fabric or product you intend to sew to ensure the digitizer knows what kind of stitches to include in the digitized file. The stitch quantity of embroidery varies with fabrics like cotton, silk, and net due to their different densities. Hence, we have different densities and thus require different types of stitching.

Know Why You Need Embroidery Digitizing Services

It is easier and faster for the digitizer to complete a 12-hour turnaround if they have all the information at once. Digitizing is a two-way process. We provide Embroidery digitizing services for all your needs at Oddinfotech. When we receive the artwork details, our highly skilled embroidery digitizers, upon receiving the artwork details, digitize it with the highest quality within just 12 hours at a competitive price, ensuring there will be no thread breaks during the digitization process. Thus, consider the level of professionalism. A career spanning over 6+ years is huge! So, Don’t miss out! Request a quote today!



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