January 25, 2022
Embroidery digitizing services

In every field of life, the digital world has evolved rapidly. Nowadays, all types of handiwork are becoming digital. In the world of artwork, the embroidery digitizing services has taken the lead. So, the software creates embroidered designs from images or logos. It allows machines to stitch the designs exactly. 

Digitizing embroidery depends on the type of embroidery, the design, and the material. You can digitize embroidery on an embroidery machine, but the process is harder than uploading it. Embroidery digitizing is far more complicated than uploading an image file. There is no 100% automated process for converting images into embroidered patterns because machines don’t have the same capabilities as computers. Hence, it is necessary to convert the images into digital patterns before being stitched. Oddinfotech offers custom embroidery digitizing for a wide range of uses, from casual to professional. 

Digitizing Embroidery Types 

The digitizing software transforms images and designs into stitching so that a machine can understand them. Digitizing embroidery is like making a painting with stitches. Hence, the most important part of embroidery digitizing is understanding the types of digitizing.

Choosing and assessing the type of Embroidery digitizing service involves considering many variables and options. Here are some of those major types and how they can help you choose the right one for your business.

Digitizing Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery digitizing is one of the most popular methods of digitizing embroidery. Hence, a flat design is created by stitching pattern fabric directly to the back of the fabric backing.

As a result, it is extremely popular for embellishment because it does not distort images & designs. It is especially popular for intricate patterns. Other techniques can produce more flashy and bold designs. However, the created designs might not be as impressive. Therefore, flat embroidery digitizing will not distort complicated designs.

3D PUFF Embroidery

Puff embroidery digitizing is a technique used for 3D embroidery, involving placing a foam beneath the embroidery stitching to raise the design surface. The digitized design is given depth and aesthetic appeal by making the stitches stand out on the fabric. The best choice for simple designs is to digitize puff embroideries, such as initials or alphabets. Moreover, it’s mainly applied to larger and bolder designs intended to stand out. Therefore, the puff embroidery has a distinctive appearance.

Applique Embroidery Digitizing

Applique Embroidery digitizing service involves sewing or sticking woven fabric pieces to larger pieces to create a design. Complex patterns created using many smaller pieces. If you wish to add a personal touch to a design, this method will make it more beautiful and unique. The most common application for embroidery is for appliques and badges. Moreover, the applique digitizing process is also heavily used in quilting and banner making. 

Cording/Taping/Coiling Embroidery 

Cording or Tape Embroidery digitizing service creates a 3D effect by making convex designs. Textiles for home furnishing and children’s products lend themselves well to digitizing embroidery. You can create designs by combining ribbons, beads, pearls, and even jets.

The tape makes the cord wider and flatter by stitching along its middle. Coiling digitizing involves encircling a core thread attached to the base material with colorful threads. Thus, by hiding the base stitches, the bottom of the garment does not expose additional stitches.

Chain Stitch Embroidery

Digital chain stitch embroidery is most suitable for designs that incorporate loops and stitches into chain-like patterns. In this way, digitizing embroidery can be challenging and time-consuming, and the designs may not be very appealing. Thus, the thread used is also quite large. By digitizing the chain stitch embroidery, thick, textured lines are created that ensure the chain patterns are perfect.

Photo Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing imitates an artist’s canvas on fabric through stitching photographs. This design modulates volume and color tone with a multilayered and multicolored stitching pattern. The design size and stitch count are large in photograph stitch embroidery digitizing.

In this way, the digitization of photo stitch techniques achieves a masterful and harmonious execution of the designs and coloring. Furthermore, you will have no complaints about the quality of the work created by photo stitch digitizing.

Borer Embroidery Digitizing                                                                

Oddinfotech machines use boring tools (knife, needle) to make fabric holes. Digitizing borer embroidery involves creating designs that have holes caused by needle penetrations, irrespective of the stitch type. Thus, stabilizing zig zag and satin stitch embroidery prevent the threads from fraying.

One of the most challenging and complex types of embroidery digitizing is borer Embroidery digitizing. Therefore, our team at Oddinfotech ensures efficient process completion and precisely to provide you with flawless results. 

Freestanding Lace Embroidery Digitizing                                         

Is it possible to make free-standing laces without becoming addicted? Making beautiful, airy patterns helps you to create ornaments. The machines stitch out the specially digitized designs in the form of laces onto a water-soluble stabilizer. After applying the pattern, rinse away the stabilizer to reveal the captivating lace design. Standing lace embroidery adds beauty to bridal gowns.

Oddinfotech specializes in digitizing embroidery. We use machines and skilled professionals to ensure freestanding lace patterns, eliminating the problem of gaps between the digitized embroidery pattern and the inner netting pattern. 

Sequin Embroidery

A sequin dispenser is essential for machines that embroider sequins. During stitching, sequins fall from the dispenser onto the fabric. Lastly, embroidery that uses sequins includes plastic disks, textured materials, and a high shine.

Getting excellent results and high-quality designs is easier when using this process. Moreover, it is truly worth the experience. Digitizing sequin embroidery will make your fabric design stand out from the crowd.

Sequin structures that are uneven, raised, or unstable will result from choosing the wrong design. It will negatively impact the stitching. Thus, our team at Oddinfotech ensures high-quality digitizing of sequin embroidery designs. 


It is not easy to choose the type of embroidery digitizing service. Design, specifications, material, and a few other factors determine everything, requiring meticulous attention to detail, flawless execution, and unwavering concentration. Here at Odd Infotech, we deliver precisely that. With just a few clicks, our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about embroidery digitizing service. Thus, embroidery is no longer just an art form. Now it represents your core values, principles, and ideals. Odd Infotech makes it a priority to make sure the digitizing you choose accurately reflects your work. You can let us know your needs, and we will do our best to meet them.



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