March 25, 2022
How To Choose The Best Color Combination For A Logo?

Your company is the result of years of hard work. When it comes time for your business to open, you still need a logo. An effective design will make potential customers think about what your company does and stands for. Choosing a combination of colors that catches attention and reflects the mood of the business is also crucial. 

Each color of the rainbow evokes a subconscious reaction. Take into account the mood of your potential customers when determining which colors your logo design should have. People may not recognize your brand with the wrong colors. You will be able to successfully combine colors if you understand how color psychology works and what colors mean to different people.

Color Psychology – Why Is It Important?

The colors we see have a psychological impact on how we feel, think, and react. A perfect example of this is the food and medication containing artificial flavors. Different colors attract different segments of the population. For example, some colors represent purity and trustworthiness.

There is an idea that pills of a particular color have a powerful effect on the body. When was the last time you took a drug designed to boost your energy level? Were the colors red or purple? Red is usually associated with power.

You’ve probably already consumed blue sleeping pills. The color blue comes from the ocean and the sky. Modern marketing strategies often make use of color psychology. Pink tends to be the color of choice for products targeting women. Red and yellow to increase hunger. Consider all the logos you have seen with those colors. Color psychology isn’t new. Moods were influenced in ancient Egypt by colorful rooms. Ancient Chinese medicine also used colors for healing purposes.

Jungian Psychology And Psychological Color Theory

Many advertising agencies have used the research of psychologists Carl Jung and Albert Einstein during the 20th century. Colour, according to Jung, was symbolic. Mandalas are pieces of art that invoke trance and guide people spiritually using color schemes and geometric patterns.

Jung used art therapy frequently as a treatment method. He was able to understand their psyche by studying their color choices. Furthermore, he found that colors have different meanings in different cultural contexts.

Color Your Logo According To Your Brand’s Identity

For a logo that uses the right colors, you must know what primary colors are, what they represent, and their functions.

The Meaning Of Colors

The primary colors are yellow, blue, and red. Colors naturally draw attention to a logo, so using one of them is always a good idea. All other colors rest on the foundation of primary colors. Each color evokes a particular emotion in Jung’s and others’ minds.

Red Is A Color

The color red represents power, passion, and excitement. This color evokes strong emotions, such as anger and fear.

It is also the color of good fortune in China and the official color of the communist party. Traditional Chinese weddings feature fireworks displays with red firecrackers.

The color red is prominent in Flamenco dances and bullfights in Spain. Even though red tend to provoke aggressive behavior in bulls, this is not always true. Some believe that bulls are almost colorblind. Emotions affect how we perceive colors. Because colors catch people’s attention, they are often attracted to them. Passersby looking for a phone booth in England will notice the yellow color of the booth. London’s buses use the same lights so you will see them at intersections.

Red is one of the colors of the American flag. This symbol represents the valor and hardiness of the United States’ soldiers. Red logos are bold and eye-catching. Red stands out from its competitors, Target Cable and KFC.

Yellow Color.

The color yellow symbolizes health, optimism, and confidence. Many American companies use this color in their logos because it is so close to the color gold. The color gold is associated with idealistic thinking.

Chinese worship yellow, while Japanese revere the sun as a symbol of courage. Radiant light is what the sun emits. Although yellow may only signify goodness and purity, road signs are often colored yellow to indicate hazards. A yellow color increases your peripheral vision.

Jewish clothing in Nazi Germany tended to have yellow stars of David. The bright colors made them stand out in a crowd. In the United States, yellow often represents fear. Cowardice is a common association with it. They are yellow-bellied birds with yellow bellies, which makes them appear timid.

The golden arches of McDonald’s are yellow. Other yellow logos include those of Denny’s and Ikea. Relaxed, casual colors create an atmosphere that allows people to unwind and relax. McDonald’s has a primary color scheme of red and yellow 

Blue Color

Apart from its serenity benefits, blue hues are inherently calming. Additionally, it has also become linked to sadness and depression.

Blue flags flew at the funerals of ship captains. Some Asian cultures dye blue indigo cloth to show they are mourning the dead.

The color blue was associated with drinking in 18th-century England, and someone experiencing alcohol withdrawal hallucinations was called a blue devil. That is how the blues got its name.

Those experiencing sadness may feel comforted by blue. Imagine the Blue Cross Blue Shield logo, a Vitruvian figure enclosed in a cross, and a shield crowned with a caduceus.

The color blue represents vigilance, justice, and preservation in the American flag. Honesty and loyalty are also associated with the color blue. Those who are true blue are loyal.

Combinations That Get Attention

The right color combination for a logo depends on a few factors. The maximum number of colors for a brand is two or three. People will notice a busy logo design instead of your company if you make it too busy.

The Colors Blue And Pink

Together, these two colors on a logo will make people think of a brand they can count on that is sweet and comforting. These colors appear in the brands of both Taco Bell and Baskin-Robbins.

Yellow And Green Tones With Earthy Tones

The color green is associated with spring and new things. The color yellow represents the sun and growth. It is life-giving and honest for people to see earth tones on a package. A health food company logo or an organic household cleaning product logo would look lovely in these colors.

The Colors Pink, Yellow, And Green

The combination of these three colors invokes the memory of candy. Many candy stores have their logos in these colors. It is simple, sweet, and fun, meaning it will put people in a good mood.

You should use this combination if you sell children’s or teenager’s products. The color combination would be perfect for a company that sells accessories such as hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses.

The Colors Brown, Black, And Beige

The combination of these three colors looks very sophisticated and elegant. You will be seen as a company with good taste and refinement when they see them on your logo design.

Labels for beer or whiskey would look great with this color combination. Moreover, a logo like this would also look good on a magazine or publishing company.

What Steps Should I Take To Create A Logo?

Logos can be designed or made by artists or by you. If you are not a graphic designer, you should use an online tool to create your logo. Google will show you how to make your logo. It is important that your work gets recognition. A memorable logo design can help attract attention.



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