January 31, 2022
Embroidery digitizing services

There is a rapid growth in digitalization and associated work. You can find several online companies that offer Embroidery digitizing services for vector artwork and embroidery. But it can be challenging to figure out which company is right for you. Furthermore, the industry itself is unique and creative. Extensive attention to detail is responsible for a great deal of the final design outcome. Throughout the entire material, from the software to every element, one needs to pay close attention to detail. 

A reliable company is the most important consideration when considering an incredible embroidery artwork. The holy trinity of digitization services is cost-effective, dependable, and results-oriented. Picking the right fit for your needs requires thorough knowledge of the digitizing industry. You need to understand how digitizing companies work. Thus, you can make significant progress by conducting research online.

You have reached the right place and you are looking for a company that not only meets but goes above and beyond your expectations. We are the company for you. We are Oddinfotech. Our company is one of the industry’s top leaders in comprehensive vector artwork digitizing for embroidery logos. Our decades of experience in holistic digitization services have established us as an industry benchmark. 

Oddinfotech provides flawless digital artwork products. We offer the highest quality logo embroidery digitizing and vector artwork. Our team at Oddinfotech consists of proficient illustrators, skilled designers, and expert digitizers. Our Embroidery digitizing company offers embroidery digitizing, vector artwork other services.

The Challenges of Embroidery Digitizing Services

We at Oddinfotech understand the workings of digital technology. Several key challenges faced by companies in the digitization process are listed below. In addition, we will discuss how to deal with similar obstacles encountered during embroidery digitizing. Thread breakage is a common difficulty in embroidery digitizing, especially on embroidery machines, hindering the digitizing process. Digitizing companies tend to face this issue frequently. 

In embroidery digitizing, beginners and newcomers have difficulty managing the frequent thread breaks. Embroidery thread breakage is a common problem, and this article will show you how to solve the problem.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Thread Breaks?

 In the process of embroidering, it is frustrating if the thread breaks. It is especially frustrating when multiple designs are involved. When this occurs, an Embroidery process can become sluggish. Troubleshooting thread breaks is an effective way to manage thread breaks. The type of thread break determines the type of fix. Therefore, identify the thread break type. If you encounter a similar problem in the future, you will avoid future hassles.

Thread Break Types

Digitizing embroidery can lead to several kinds of thread or strand breaks. Four types of thread breaks can be distinguished – shredding, clean-breaks, pop-outs, and false thread breaks.

A shredding thread break occurs when thread breaks near the needle in machine embroidery. The needle’s eye is too narrow for the thread, causing the thread to shred. Stress and friction cause the upper thread to shred and break.

A clean break takes place whenever your thread breaks cleanly. Stitches will not form on the embroidery machine without enough thread. If the thread is to move smoothly, it needs an unobstructed path.

The thread pops out of the needle eye on a digital embroidery machine. If the thread breaks falsely, only the thread’s top remains attached to the fabric. There is a problem when the embroidery machine registers a thread break, even when it does not exist. Embroidery machines often break threads due to incorrect tension.

Breaking threads: Common issues 

Identification of the type of thread break during Embroidery is critical. It is fairly easy to diagnose the rest of the problem once you identify the kind of thread break. During machine embroidery processes, there are a variety of common thread breaks that occur.

The main cause of thread breaks is a bad design or an unsuitable needle. An improperly hooped needle or a damaged needle plate can also cause them. An incorrect height of the press foot, insufficient oil on the rotary hook, and incorrect needle depth can also cause thread breaks. It is possible to mitigate the vast majority of these problems by using thread types that are sturdy and durable.

Embroidery thread is generally durable, strong, and of consistently high quality. When Digitizing embroidery artwork, polyester and rayon are common thread types. However, most companies prefer polyester due to its durable, colorfast, and strong features. It is common for thread breaks to result from improper strain when digitizing embroidery.

Here are some of the most common problems:

Methods To Minimize Embroidery Digitizing Services Challenges

• Inappropriate handling of threading, Due to the Bobbin case, Incorrect Usage of Needle

Other factors include

• Types of Threads, Improper tension set in the machine, Breakage in the threads

In the event of thread breakage, you must diagnose and resolve the issue. Creating an embroidery machine checklist is highly recommended whenever you operate an embroidery machine.

• Review your thread path to make sure it is free of obstructions and properly threaded

• Prepare the embroidery fabric by double-checking the hoops

Make sure that tension levels are appropriate and correct. Neither too high nor too low

• Be sure the threads are sufficiently strong before using them. Avoid using weak, old, or damaged threads.

• Ensure you do not have burrs in both the needle plate and the needle itself

The lack of experienced digitizers is a challenge when it comes to embroidery. Digitizers play an important role in the process. When it comes to embroidery digitizing, they are an essential part of minimizing challenges. Digitizers also have to make sure that the design integrity is maintained. Aside from having highly qualified and expert technicians, the Oddinfotech facility is state-of-the-art and will meet all client demands. Our embroidery experts use the latest embroidery software techniques to create your original designs.



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