April 4, 2022
The Importance Of Vector Art In Professional Websites

How often do you think about the photos you take with your smartphone? Have you ever saved memes from social media to share with your friends? Have you ever edited the images in your phone’s gallery? The images you resize on your phone usually get blurry when you resize them. These images are known as pixelated images. Vector art can remedy this problem. Vector art might be a new concept to you, but it’s crucial to understand it if you work with any style of digital image. Then we can discuss what vector art is and how it works.

Is Vector Art the same as Pixel Art?

Vectors are images or illustrations created using mathematical algorithms. Illustrator and CorelDRAW are two examples of software used to create vector art. Image quality isn’t affected by scaling, editing, modifying, resizing, or even changing the saturation, so it’s easy to scale, edit, modify, resize, or change the colors in the image.

Photographs taken with cameras tend to become blurry and distorted because of unattended post-processing. The image will still retain its clarity and sharp contours even if it is cropped or resized.  What are the differences between the original vector artwork of the rooster and the edited version? I think not. Compared to bitmap graphics, vector graphics do not lose their quality when enlarged, so they are highly effective for use on a professional website.

Vector File Types

The internet contains two types of images: raster and vectors. They are often confused, but they are quite easy to tell apart. Each pixel in a raster graphic has a different color. A vector graphic does not use pixels. They use mathematical algorithms to create their shapes and algorithms. You can view or edit vector art using most web browsers or graphics programs, but editing requires compatible apps. A vector artwork also has a variety of formats, just like raster files do (.JPG, PNG). The following are some of the more common vector art file formats.

Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence refers to a computer program that mimics the workings of the mind. Adobe Illustrator, the most popular software for editing vector graphics, uses this file format as its native image format. This program allows you to create vector art for logos, illustrations, drawings, characters for animation, apps, and more.


Encapsulated Postscript is also known as EPS. It is an older version of Adobe Illustrator. The disadvantage of EPS is that it doesn’t work with image transparency, making it less popular than AI. It is also possible to create EPS pages with vector and raster graphics.


Most of you have probably heard of the PDF format, commonly used for legal documents. Portable Document Format is associated with it. Most people are familiar with this ancient vector art format. The one good thing about PDF documents is their compatibility with many different software packages, so they are cross-platform documents. A PDF file looks the same regardless of what program you use to open it. At first, PDF files were built with Adobe systems and were compatible with only Adobe Reader, but today so many programs support PDF files.

Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics is an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a relatively unknown format. It is simpler to work with than other formats. The convenience of inserting SVG files into web pages makes them common in web content. Due to their attractiveness, SVG files display online products well.

File formats for vector art were popular. For example, when you use a specific app for editing images, you might be able to choose among the file formats that are compatible with it for saving your vector art.

Vector Graphics: How Do They Work?

You can open vector art files in different ways. These are some of your options depending on what you need to do with the file:

  • A vector art program can serve the purpose of printing or viewing the vector graphic file if it is just for printing. You can even open a raster image file in a program made for viewing raster images if you want to view it. For example, Adobe Photoshop, PSD, SVG, PDF, and AI documents are accessible through Photoshop. While you can edit it, you will not be able to maintain its vector art format.
  • You can also view vector graphics files in web browsers. The image will appear as soon as you drag and drop the file into the browser. Once more, the browser does not permit editing of the file.
  • Adobe Illustrator is required to open and edit vector graphics files. As an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW provides vector graphics editing capabilities. Inkscape is an open-source program for editing vector artwork.

How is Vector Art Used?

Businesses can use vector art for multiple purposes since it doesn’t lose quality when edited and looks good. Many marketing campaigns use vector art. You can use vector graphics for billboards, logos, printed advertisements, website theme elements, illustrations, promotional merchandise, and Reddit art. You can create the following items using vector art.

.The Illustrations

Illustrations are often created on a tablet or computer by expert illustrators. It makes their work look professional and neat when they use vector graphics. A vector art illustration is also an excellent option for displaying in a gallery.


Many of the logos we see on billboards and websites are vector art. Some companies that use vector art to create their logos are Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Disney, and Facebook.

.Various Websites

The use of vector art in web designs has become easier since many people now build their websites with website builders. It makes websites look professional, stylish, and elegant. Some websites embed vector art into every page. Using them on websites is also a good idea because they look good on all screen sizes. So your vector art will adjust itself constantly, regardless of whether people are viewing it on desktop or mobile.


Before apps and app games, children preferred watching cartoons and animation. Some of the most popular programs used hand drawings, and some utilized computer graphics, vector graphics.

.The Video Game Industry

Video game companies sometimes only use vector art to create their graphics. The launch of Atari was based on vector graphics by Sega. ‘Battlezone’ and ‘Asteroids’ were created using vector art.


Published books also utilize vector art. Books often use vector graphics to illustrate concepts and embellish stories. The use of vector graphics in comic books is even greater. Vector graphics are also often used for book covers.

.Advertisements Typically Appear On Paper.

Many professionals prefer to use vector art when designing printed ads for brochures and magazines.


Billboard advertisements usually consist of vector artwork. Images on billboards must be readable from a distance, so they should be crystal clear. As a result, vector artwork for billboards. The lack of vector art makes a billboard look unprofessional.

.Posters For Movies

You likely came across fancy movie posters on your way to the movies. Movie posters made with vector art look almost as sharp as screenshots from a movie.

Merchandise With A Brand Name

Vector art often appears on branded merchandise to illustrate a product line. Thus, they can easily resize their images to fit different item sizes. You can print this art on T-shirts, mugs, pens, key chains, and other items without losing any accuracy.



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