February 12, 2022
The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Machine Embroidery Over Hand Embroidery

Design Uniformity On All Garments.

Here is what we need to address. Artists who handcraft embroidery for bulk orders cannot achieve uniformity in their designs. Generally, handcrafted pieces do not match what bulk orders require. If you want all the garments to have the same design, it does not work well to have handcrafted goods. We can make uniform designs for Digitizing Embroidery an agency that they provide us with using Machine Embroidery. 

Designs Without Errors

In keeping with the previous point, apparel with a handcrafted design is more likely to suffer from errors such as worn-out tread or mismatched colors. Artists always have a chance to make mistakes, regardless of their skill level. Those who strive for perfection do not make such mistakes. When Digitizing embroidery, the customer feeds the design into the machine. The machine stitches the designs after reading the image. The machine produces error-free results due to advanced algorithms. Neither the threads nor the colors will peel off of the designs.  


All designs we offer are digital, and since each piece is machine-made, its creation takes a very short amount of time. Consequently, bulk orders can be delivered faster and with greater accuracy. 

It Fits Into Your Pocket.                              

Artists charge for their time, skill, and effort. Handcrafted garments require much more effort, time, and skill. So their prices are much higher than those of a digitized design. Machine embroidery is a more economical option. For bulk orders, one may also be able to negotiate prices.  

Increasing Productivity And Accuracy 

The complexity of the design is not a barrier to Machine Embroidery Digitizing. Digitizers are the ones who know which fabrics to use for particular designs. All in all, it gives better productivity, accuracy, and quality than any other service. 

A Wide Variety Of Digitizing Embroidery Designs

A hand embroidery artist is limited to certain designs types because of its limitations. A perfect result requires skill. In this case, the artist’s time and fees are proportionally higher. Digitizing embroidery provides you with a huge array of color options, designs, and changes you can make (if necessary) to create your embroidery designs.  

An Easy Process For Machine Embroidery

It is a time-consuming and challenging process to hand embroider. It begins with the artist hand-tracing the design on the fabric. For each item in the order, he repeats this process. Since human error is more likely to occur when designing clothing, the design may change. A new design requires the same process.

 In contrast, machine embroidery involves digitizing the design using sophisticated Embroidery digitizing software. Machine embroidery is rarely affected by variations due to the use of machines. It is also possible to save the design digitally for printing on different garments.

Cost-Effective For One Garment

This industry often fosters the belief that bulk orders are the only way to access this service. No matter how large or small the order is, even if it is only one garment, the price will be less than if it were handcrafted. 

The Inaccessibility Of Skilled Artists Does Not Impose Any Restrictions

In the case of handcrafted embroidery, it is possible to lack an artist with the skills required to complete your project. On the other hand, an artist may know they are the only ones who can create the art and raise their prices accordingly. By choosing machine embroidery, we can avoid this constraint. An embroidery digitizer understands the colors, patterns, and other specifications. With its professional software, you can embroider any design without any restrictions. 

Optimistic About Instant Changes

We can benefit greatly from digitizing any work type, including Machine embroidery. We can take care of all of your design needs. In this way, you can inform the team of last-minute changes. The service provider will design the product according to the client’s preferences for size, type, and color. Customers encounter this drawback most often with hand embroidery rather than machine embroidery.

In bulk orders, Machine embroidery is more effective than any other method. Therefore it is more demanded now. Embroidering a piece of cloth is an easy, cost-effective, and productive way. In addition, it is relatively risk-free. The benefit of outsourcing production to firms like us is that the business owner is relieved of the burden of production. Oddinfotech offers quality embroidery work at an affordable price. We help you make the most out of your designs by customizing them for us.



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