May 11, 2022
What are the Features of a Well-Designed Advertising Brochure?

Effective advertising brochures make it easier to increase sales. Business owners have many options for designing company and product brochures. However, it can be difficult for them to find the right solution that matches their goals exactly. You must consider the following advertising brochure design ideas and concepts when designing advertising brochures in this blog. Learn how the best advertising brochure designers achieve grand success with their advertising campaigns.

Brochures promote your company’s products. In terms of potentiality, visual appeal, and presentability, it must be eye-catching, praise-worthy, and effective.

Businesses and products appear in brochures. The company plans to increase its online presence and attract customers through digital marketing. Retail marketing and design involve creating advertising brochures for predetermined objectives – product launches, promotions, and branding.

When your company hires a professional advertising brochure designer, it can turn brochures into great revenue-generating instruments. Thus, to reach your potential customers, you need designs that reflect the latest trends to make your products and services more appealing to your target market.

Five Design Trends You Need To Know For Brochure Design.

The Importance Of Typography.

Brand information is communicated visually with text. The goal of this design element is to create an impact and grab viewers’ attention visually and readable. In today’s design world, designers don’t just stick to one set pattern, like bold typefaces, but use different colors, alignments, or angles to distinguish their brochures.

Line Art.

Designers of advertising brochures used line art a lot in the year 2021. Considering that line arts continue to be popular, promotional materials can be made unique by using line arts. In creating visual contrast with a brochure, clean, bold lines can appear on a solid background.

Graphics with 3D effects.

3D graphic designs add some depth to brochures when compared to 2D images. When the brochure reveals a 3D element, it becomes more creative and dynamic.

Trends in Color.

The inclusion of some colors or color-gel photography can enhance the impact and interest in any brochure. Colors that are natural, organic, and warm may bring better results since they are dynamic and provide endless unique design possibilities.

Illustration Trends.

Advertisers can use illustrations to describe a company’s business in place of images. It is possible to create a clever piece of work using various pictures. The visual impact and relatability make it a valuable tool.

Features of a Well-Designed Advertising Brochure.

Adapts to Current and Relevant Trends

Design is the process of communicating a message. When design tools and technologies change, the ways designing works, its elements, styles, vibes, and hues change accordingly. The customer is not impressed with the use of shades and designs from a decade or even a half a decade ago. You’re going to miss the mark. With the help of an advertising brochure designer, the designs can meet current needs and meet the audience’s expectations.

Sizes And Folds Are Crucial.

Choose how you want your brochure folded. Consider the customer’s needs and demands when choosing the most popular sizes and folds. Common folds include.

  • The accordion fold.
  • The trifold.
  • The roll fold.
  • The gatefold.
  • The double gatefold.
  • Z-fold.
  • The parallel fold.
  • Half + tri-fold.
  • Half + half fold.

A Half-Fold Is The Fastest Folding Technique.

It is also crucial that you prepare your advertising brochure according to the most popular trending sizes.

You may consider these standard sizes.

  • Several sizes are available for the audience, but the most popular size is 7.5″ x 10″ (or 20.79 x 25.74 cm).
  • The DIN A3 paper size is 8.2″ x 11.3″ (or 21.25 x 24.48 cm)
  • 8.5″ x 14″ is the legal size.
  • The memo size is 5.5″ x 8.5″.
  • The tabloid size is 11″ x 17″.
  • The letter size is 9″ x 12″.
  • Approximately 11″ by 25.5″.

Beautiful Cover Design.

Colorful, eye-catching images are enough to divert the mind and create an impact that lasts. It is crucial to carefully design the brochure cover, as it forms the first impression. It’s the job of an advertising brochure designer to ensure that these things are taken care of and that the design appeals to your target audience.

A High-Quality Typeface.

A typographic approach involves writing content so that it leaves a positive impression on the person reading it. There will be beautiful calligraphic writing on the brochure that will help the brochure gain popularity and attract customers.

Creating an advertising brochure that appeals to the target audience is the job of a professional designer. Styles of writing, font, characters, symbolism, and word placement- are just some important aspects to consider. Besides being attractive and readable, the texts must also be concise designing for a single platform can be used across several platforms these days, and the design should match.

Great Visual Hierarchy.

The order of importance in a brochure refers to the contents that appear in it must be very cautious when handling it as it directly impacts your sales.

The main focus should be to place or highlight the most important content at the beginning of the page or in a place that will grab the customers’ attention.

It is important to align them on the left and the top, as most languages start from the left, which means many people automatically glance at the left and the top.

Good Contrast And Balance Are Crucial.

Along with taking care of the brochure sizes, content, typography, and cover design, it’s crucial to balance the content within the brochure and adjust the contrast.

The shorter and more interesting the message is, the better it will engage audiences since people’s attention span is limited in today’s world. Too high of a contrast level could stress the eyes, and too low of contrast would make the content appear dull. Lastly, for the best digital image, it is best to place the camera away from the center of the picture.

High-Definition, Realistic Images And Photos

Inadequate quality of an advertising brochure can ruin the reputation and sales of a company; this is why investing in high-quality images will benefit the company a lot. An advertising brochure can enhance by stunning, high-quality photographs, which a professional advertising brochure design company would provide.

Empty Spaces.

We must keep blank spaces in our booklet for decorations and other related items. They give the book a neat appearance.

Incorporate Art, Illustrations, Or Motifs Subtly.

You can make your brochure more attractive by using art, illustration, or motifs creatively. A brochure without art illustrations looks dull. The images add life to the content, making reading it fun.

Clear And Uncluttered.

The artwork illustrations, the perfect font size, calligraphy, the content, and the cover are in place, but the brochure still needs to look uncluttered, so there should be enough white spaces. The presentation is then enhanced because perfection does not have to mean overusing art and text but keeping it uncluttered.

The Digital Version Is Animated In Subtle Ways And Is 3D.

Brochures come alive with simple animation and 3D images that instantly catch the eye. A combination of moving images always piques customer interest, so it will be a wise strategy to utilize them appropriately. 

Easily Viewed, Read, And Followed.

It is imperative to communicate with the audience, reach them, and understand their point of view. The brochure should be visually appealing, neat, not overly crowded, and communicate effectively through visuals and text. Adopt straightforward language when advertising so that the audience finds them relatable.

The Conclusion.

Invest in advertising designs, and you will be able to market your goods and services more effectively in any market. Inspiring intuitive design is the key to making your brochures more effective. Advertise Your Company With OddInfotech’s Advertising Design Brochure. A well-designed brochure motivates potential clients to request more information about your products. An experienced advertising brochure design company like Oddinfotech can provide you with expert advertising brochure designers.

With more than 1,000 customers over 11 years, the company offers superior advertising brochure design services that have made a significant impact on clients. A wide range of design techniques and tools are available to Oddinfotech advertising brochure designers. You can generate more revenue by increasing sales by choosing the best designs for your brochures and advertising campaign material. Don’t hesitate to contact Oddinfotech if you need design services for your brand brochures.



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