June 15, 2022
Embroidery digitizing services in Russia

Embroidering a logo or text on the garment will improve its appeal to customers and increase the product promotional value. Embroidery on the left chest has therefore remained a popular addition to business wear, adding a special touch while increasing the value of the garments.

To ensure your Embroidery digitizing services in Russia is relevant and high quality, you must follow these simple steps for clarity and quality. Therefore, we have put together some key dos and don’ts of this embroidery design so you can create the most beautiful and appealing embroidery for your garments.

.Invest In Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services.

A high quality and precise embroidery digitizing file is the key to great embroidery. A digitizing technique converts a raw image/sketch/design into a machine-readable format.

The digitization of embroidery designs may seem simple on paper, but there are a lot of technicalities involved, which is why it’s best to work with a reputable company that is experienced in digitizing embroidery designs.

Embroidery digitizing services in Russia are available at 360 Digitizing for all left chest embroidery needs, such as logo digitization, left chest logo digitization, and polo shirt logo digitization. We have highly skilled digital designers who understand the technical aspects of the process and stay on top of the embroidery demands.

.Stick To Simple Designs.

Embroidering can begin once you have a great left chest digitizing file. Stitches on fabric look different from ink on paper. Ink creates a thicker contrast on fabric than stitches, so on fabric, a design that looks great on paper may seem too complicated. Fashion companies such as Polo, Lacoste and others use elegant and easily recognizable branding to digitize the left chest. A great left chest embroidery is all about “less is more,” so keep it simple.

.Avoid Going Too Big.

The left breast Embroidery digitizing services in Russia is in doubt, so you might as well go home. There is only one type of article where a large embroidery design in Russia looks good (the jersey of your favourite soccer team or basketball team). Then everything else should be kept simple”. The most clich√© and appealing embroidery designs appear to be small, elegant and artfully done.

.Select A Suitable Fabric.

An important part of Embroidery digitizing services in Russia is the choice of fabric. The best embroidery digitizing companies will always consult with you about the fabric you wish to digitize. They will need to adjust the technical details of the digital design. So that it can be embroidered on the fabric of their choice.

Fabrics like denim and most knits are ideal for embroidery on the left chest. On the other hand, cotton and performance fabrics are not the best choices for embroidery on the left chest. Furthermore, an embroidered logo on the left chest of light fabric is a disaster as it is likely to wrinkle after the first wash.

.Place The Embroidery Correctly.

The left chest logo digitizing service is a separate service that appear as logos or text on a collared shirt. A logo placed too close to the middle or too large will look out of place. The left chest embroidery looks gorgeous if the embroidery is placed properly and sized correctly. An embroidered logo/text at the centre of the chest will look great on a sports jersey and nowhere else.

.Avoid Generic Design Elements.

The simple and minimalist design is the best option for left chest embroidery. The key is to avoid overdoing it, as this may rob the branding of its entire meaning. Therefore, it is necessary to balance simple and effective branding. An Embroidery digitizing services in Russia company can help you create a balanced embroidery design for your left chest that is extremely synchronized.

Contact our highly skilled digitizers for assistance regarding the finest and most reliable left chest digitizing. We offer a variety of Embroidery digitizing services in Russia for left chest embroidery designs, such as left chest logo digitizing, polo shirt logo digitizing, and text logo digitizing. In addition, we offer massive discounts on bulk orders when you contact our sales representative.



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