April 19, 2022
Why Do You Need to Perform Product Photo Editing For Amazon?

Colored and black-and-white images are often a viewer’s first choice, and text next to them is a second choice. They will almost certainly shop with their eyes before their wallets when they find out what you have to offer them. Consequently, you need to ensure that your product photo editing look great – otherwise, you will lose sales to your competition.

A survey of more than 2000 people in the US found that, when it comes to eCommerce giant Amazon, more than 89 percent of buyers say it is more likely to be the site they use to purchase products. Thus, it is crucial to have good product photo editing to attract 89% of customers, which will lead to more sales.

Learn How To Edit Amazon Product Photos.

The following is what Amazon looks for in a product photo:

  • Images must be in the .tif/.tiff, .jpg/jpeg, .gif, or .png format.
  • An image must have a pixel size of at least 1000 pixels on either side of the picture. Amazon recommends a picture width of 2560 pixels.
  • To make the background white, change the color mode from CMYK to sRGB.
  • Fill the frame with 85%.
  • File names: Include your 13-digit UPC, ASIN, or EAN number (this corresponds to your Amazon ASIN, JAN, EAN, ISBN, or EAN). There will be a period and an extension following that (see types of accepted files above). There are several examples, such as 1234567890.tif or B9876543210.jpg. Dashes, spaces, and other characters should not appear in the file name.
  • Images cannot contain text, borders, logos, mannequins, or watermarks. Use our eCommerce photo editing services to edit every photo of your product or learn how to edit your models.

Amazon Product Photo Editing Instructions.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to compel your target customers to click.

Whiten Your Background Image.

The main background of the product photo has to be white to meet Amazon’s requirements. (RGB 255, 255, 255). The ideal setup would be:

  1. Make the desired changes to the picture in Photoshop (main product photo)
  2. You can choose the pen on the left panel bar or use the keyboard shortcut P.
  3. Configure the Toolbar options. Select these tool kit options:
  • Select the path and the pen tool.
  • Check the Geometry options box.
  • The auto addition field should appear.
  • Tick the box to exclude paths that overlap.

Now you need clipping paths. Click on the point on the picture, then select the pen tool. 

Ctrl + click on a path you’ve created to select it. Then, hold Shift + Ctrl + I to invert it (you’ll exclude the direction you’ve chosen from inversion).

You will now be able to remove anything in the background by pressing Ctrl + X. One of the most notable features is that you will have a white border automatically when you upload your picture.

The Amazon product photo editing steps only include a white background. Additional options may include as follows.

Adjustments To Colors.

When your product does not match Amazon’s description, there will be many returns. In very low-light or overly bright lighting conditions, this can happen.

There might also be a problem with the lighting or appearance of the product. If your product picture appears dark or unnatural, Amazon will never allow it to be listed (though Amazon may later take them down if they are listed). According to Amazon, your product picture should have realistic colors.

A picture color correction enhances a product’s color, making it look as good as new. Pictures can be made more colorful by correcting them in Photoshop and Lightroom. The easiest way to adjust picture color is always to use Lightroom.

You can adjust the picture’s color in Lightroom by changing the brightness, aperture, and tint buttons. It makes the product photo appear more natural.

Photoshop allows you to adjust the saturation and hue to bring back the original color of the product.

Remove Blemishes.

The Colour will appear correctly. To make the product photos even more appealing and eye-catching, we need to remove any other imperfections that may be readily visible.

Photoshop has many tools to remove dust and blemishes from an image. To remove imperfections, you can use the spot healing brush tool, the patch tool, and the healing brush. My recommendation would be to use the clone tools, which will allow you to remove unwanted items with precision from the product images.

Among the alternatives to Photoshop for correcting blemishes are GIMP, Pixlr, and Portrait Pro.

Image Sizing For Product Photos.

Amazon recommends that the product photo fills at least 85% of the frame. A close-up image is the best way to accomplish this goal. If not, cropping the picture will suffice.

You can resize Amazon product photos by following these instructions.

In Photoshop, go to Image > Image Size once the image file is open. There will be a dialog box that allows you to adjust the height and width of the photo.

On Amazon, for instance, you should list the square photo and a minimum of 1000 pixels. As a result, both the width and height of the picture can adjust to 1000×1000 pixels. Press OK to finish. A resized image will appear.

Wrap Up

Our experience shows that eCommerce photo editing plays a significant role in how effective products are in attracting and converting customers. The photos must not only meet Amazon’s technical requirements but also inspire customers to click the buy button.

An excellent image can boost your sales considerably. The services of IIPVAPI, for example, can make a product photo stand out with their edits.

IIPVAPI is an expert in photo editing for e-commerce and photo galleries for various online retailers – clothing and accessories, jewelry, furniture, sports products, cars, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, and online property retailers. The following are some of the IIPVAPI’s photo editing services:

  • Removing backgrounds
  • Resizing images
  • Cutting paths
  • Applying shadows
  • Brightening and balancing colors
  • Indexing and keywording the images

Is Amazon your first time selling? Are you not getting enough sales online because your product images are dull and poor? Contact us!



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